Vista Alegre uma parceria única

Vista Alegre a unique partnership

A little about the history of Vista Alegre:

Vista Alegre was founded in 1824 by José Ferreira Pinto Basto, being the first factory dedicated to the production of Porcelain in Portugal.

Before, in 1812, the founder began by acquiring Quinta da Ermida. In 1816 he bought the Capela da Vista Alegre, which had large fields. These fields were used to install the Factory of this large company.

However, on July 1, 1824, D. João VI authorized the establishment of this Porcelain Factory, but it was only five years later that it received recognition as a Royal Factory, achieved through recognition for its art.

It should be noted that until this date in Portugal there was no porcelain industry. Interestingly, as expected, China was the largest importer.

Due to the great difficulties experienced during the Great War (1914-1918), in all sectors, the Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory also went through a difficult time. However, he managed to maintain the spirit of the founder, overcoming the difficulties felt at this time.

Years later (between 1947 and 1968), we began to see a large increase in exports. On the other hand, attention began to be paid to the training given to technicians. As a result, it resulted in an increase in the development of the industry, thus opening a new door to new markets.

At this moment, Vista Alegre is considered an unparalleled industry. It has an unforgettable repository of artisan pieces that are part of National history.

How did the partnership between Vista Alegre and Fleur de Paris come about?

We contacted Vista Alegre, with the aim of creating the design of a black glass vase and a velvet box. The objective is to fit the vase with a special Preserved Roses called “Bonita” from Fleur de Paris.

In this sense, Vista Alegre created this model exclusively for Fleur de Paris. However, they cannot be reproduced for other companies, which makes this product so special as it can only be found at Fleur de Paris.

The vases are made from Vista Alegre Black Glass. All pieces are made from leftover glass, each jar has Vista Alegre's own seal underneath the jar.

Our logo is printed on the vase with golden thread.

We are talking about a unique and exclusive product!

Find out more about the history of Vista Alegre . In the same way, we would also like to show you the beauty of our product .
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