Bouquet em casamentos  - a origem e a sua história

Bouquet at weddings - the origin and its history

Flower bouquet at weddings - importance attached to this tradition:

The word Bouquet is a French word and when translated into our language, it means a bunch of violets. Despite being a French word, this tradition emerged in Greece. An interesting fact is that in the Middle Ages, brides had to walk to their wedding to get to their wedding. Halfway there, “by coincidence”, the bride was surprised with a bunch of violets offered by the wedding guests.

It is important to think that at this time people were not as open and communicative as they are today. Talking about emotions, as well as feelings, was totally unthinkable at that time. This is how Bouquet appears. Thus, this was an “object” that, through its colors, symbolized feelings as a form of expression, love, friendship, affection and beauty.

Nowadays and with all the advances that have taken place, violet bouquets have begun to fall into disuse.

A bride's flower bouquet is always unmissable. Above all, it is intended that it be chosen in such a way as to match the dress with the hairstyle, the makeup and the entire wedding surroundings.

Nowadays, the use of violets is no longer a tradition. The bride's choice of flowers depends largely on her preference, from the most classic flowers to the most exotic.

And what about throwing Bouquet?

In the Middle Ages, brides did not “throw” the Bouquet into the air. As a form of luck, the guests cut a piece of the bride's dress and kept it, with the same effect. Later, over the years, in France in the 14th century, instead of tearing up the bride's dress and keeping it as a souvenir for her, they began to throw the bouquet with the same purpose. Thus, this practice has continued over the years and is still used today.

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