Infinity Roses

Infinity Roses

Natural preserved roses made from fresh Ecuador roses, can last up to two years or more, with their delicacy and freshness equal to natural roses, as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive humidity, this stabilization process makes them They don't wither like the normal roses we already know.

Preserved Roses do not require any maintenance! The roses will maintain their texture and flexibility, just like a fresh rose!

Have you ever imagined having a flower present every day with the touch and charm of a flower picked today?

This is the charm of the Eternal Rose, a flower preserved through a natural rehydration process that remains beautiful for years!

Imported from Colombia, these roses undergo a treatment that allows them to maintain their appearance, touch and properties for a long period of time.

To immortalize a preserved flower, the sap is replaced with a special liquid product based on glycerin and other natural ingredients. Through the stem, the roses absorb this liquid for several days.

The preservation process is completed and the flowers are ready to enchant, decorate and be wrapped as a gift for someone special.

We are not always able to have fresh flowers in our environment. That's why eternal roses are a hit in workplaces, offices and hotels.
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