Oferecer presentes | Motivos para oferecer Fleur de Paris®

Give gifts | Reasons to offer Fleur de Paris®

Give gifts... offer Fleur de Paris®

They say you don't need special occasions to give gifts, but there are very special gifts to give on every occasion.

Whether during a dating proposal, a marriage proposal, as well as a birthday gift. As well as to congratulate a new stage in professional life. There are various events that deserve to be celebrated. Nothing better than a gift to match a special event.

A gift full of pampering:

Fleur de Paris® stands out for the excellence of its product. We attribute elegance and refinement to the beauty of a simple rose. For us, each rose bush has a meaning as wonderful as each petal. With Fleur de Paris®, offer a gift so expressive that you won't need words to say how you feel!

You certainly won't be short of moments to offer roses. However, we will give you reasons so that you have no doubts.

1) The message:

Offering a rose is much more than offering a simple flower. Behind this gesture there is a profound message! Be it a simple but passionate “I love you”, or a “Congratulations”. The truth is that offering a rose could seem banal if it weren't for the incredible impact of this flower!

2) Surprise with details:

If you are one of those people who pays attention to details, know that even the number of flowers you offer may have a hidden message.

For example, with our Bouquets you can express perfect love with 10 roses. As with the number 20, demonstrate sincerity and belief and with the number 3, faith and fidelity. With 40 roses, show your genuine love with 50 give unlimited love.

However, each person must attribute the message they want to their gift. This way, at Fleur de Paris®, from the color to the number of flowers, the small details are chosen by you!

3) A natural “medicine”:

Similar to some plants, the Rose is also considered a therapeutic flower. Depending on its color, it can have relaxing effects, as well as energizing or even helping with concentration.

4) Clean, fragrant and charming air:

Rose can also have a purifying effect by clearing the air of certain odors or leaving it scented with its own. However, it is also a decorative element that looks great anywhere!

5) Offer creativity:

Did you know that... flowers, like plants, can help us in moments of creative blocks? All this due to your energy.

Do you need creative employees? Maybe it's time to decorate desks.

Finally, if you need more reasons to give a gift as special as Fleur de Paris® Roses, we invite you to visit us.

Get to know our store , our products and services and surprise us with love, affection and refinement!
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