Rosas Infinitas

Infinite Roses

Princes and princesses, castles, pure feelings, and a rose? Who has never wanted to live a fairy tale like “Beauty and the Beast”? The story of how you can renew a person and make them change for the better. Today, we're going to learn about the meaning of one of the most important elements in this story: the rose.

Legend has it that the rose would bloom for 21 years. If the monster learned to love someone, until the last petal fell, and that love was reciprocated, he would become human again. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast forever.
We all know the story, and what started with a flower, gained eternity. One rose for a life, one rose for one love, one forever.

The good news is that, beyond nostalgia, Fleur de Paris is here to make this fairy tale a reality.

The Infinity Rose “The Bella Rose by Fleur de Paris” is available in our store, and has petals that fall, signifying the passage of time. And just as the love between Beauty and the Beast lasted forever, so will our Rose.

We have several options that you can offer your partner, the most popular of which is the classic one - with just one rod, inside the glass dome, which gives it eternity - and is available in 30 different colors.

Don't waste this opportunity to surprise the people you love most with the ideal gift: the flower fairy tale.

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