Um evento florido

A flowery event

Add beauty to your event:

The most beautiful stories deserve to be filled with color, life and lots of beauty. Be it a wedding or a birthday. Just like a corporate event, the smallest details must be thought of.

Fleur de Paris at her event:

It is certain that when you enter a space, your eyes look for beauty in various details. Mainly, if it gives you feelings of peace, happiness and love. Fleur de Paris thinks about every detail, in order to reach your heart.
Therefore, firstly, you get to know the customer in order to understand their main intentions and preferences.

Beauty in many colors:

Of course, anyone who knows Fleur de Paris knows that our product is the simple but eternal and passionate roses. However, there are many options for your event. From a more sober style to a more colorful one, the client has a “bed of roses” to choose from.

With a presence at several events, Fleur de Paris is proud to have had the privilege of working with and for several brands. Above all, in the most varied categories and types, be it weddings, corporate events in the field of sports, fashion and even being present on television programs .

Our products and services :

Be it our Premium Boxes , Infinity Roses , as well as Bouquets , among other items. The options are varied.
Still, Fleur de Paris plans and carries out special, highly personalized events. So that the customer feels truly special.
In this sense, no detail is left behind, the tones, the decoration of the space, the flowers and the way they interconnect with the space.
In all of this, there is a perpetual magic that will mark your event and make it memorable.

Talk to us:

If you are looking for an excellent service, an unforgettable event and an enviable decoration in your space, get in touch .
Discover all our services and products , visit our store and fall in love with Fleur de Paris.
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