Rosa Imperial

Imperial Rose

Queen Flower

Simple and with so much meaning, this symbolic flower may not be everyone's favorite, but it is undoubtedly considered the queen of flowers.

When you think about offering a flower, the rose is the first choice and is certainly the ideal choice. Its enormous diversity of colors, sizes and perfumes makes its presence evident and manifests itself in different places and in different ways. Be it art, decoration and even events.

Anyway, a rose always gives refinement and charm, whatever the reason or the moment, a rose always looks good.

Rose's story:

The origin of this flower takes us on an almost timeless journey.

Roses are among the oldest flowers in the world, considering that their existence is at least 200 million years old.

Since 2650 BC, it began to be cultivated by the Chinese, and therefore, its origin is determined to be obviously Asian.

In turn, this flower was part of different cultures and peoples, such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, and Greeks. A beautiful flower that has been used several times in different contexts, from being a decorative element, or even food. There were many functions attributed to roses.

It was later introduced to Europe by the Persians. And there are countless historical figures who gave even more meaning to this flower, from Cleopatra, Aphrodite, Empress Josephine, among others.

Rose Species:

Due to their morphological diversity, there are thousands of species of roses, in total it is estimated that there are 126 original wild species. However, with the evolution of time and human hands, around more than 30 thousand species were developed. However, these species can easily be grouped into groups. Such as; wild, shrub, flowerbed, climbing and wrinkled roses.

Curiosities about Roses:

  • All roses are edible, but the tastiest are those that are fragrant;
  • They can be grown to eat, however, their cultivation must be 100% organic;
  • Florist roses are not for human consumption;
  • Roses may have therapeutic benefits;
  • They are succulent and therefore allow the creation of syrups, flavored waters, creams and jellies.

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