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Afrodita Bouquet and Fleur de Paris Jewel

Afrodita Bouquet and Fleur de Paris Jewel

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Afrodita Bouquet and The Rose Jewelry by Fleur de Paris

Bouquet with 30 Fresh Red Roses and The Rose Fleur de Paris Jewelry

Delivered in an exclusive Fleur de Paris box.

The Rose Jewelry

Card with personalized message included.


Afrodita Bouquet and The Rose Jewelry by Fleur de Paris

Composed of 30 fresh red roses from Ecuador, the small size Premium Black Box, Bouquet Afroditea from Fleur de Paris, is a product of incomparable beauty and elegance.

Each carefully selected rose is harvested at the peak of its beauty, ensuring maximum quality and durability. Red roses are known to symbolize love and passion, making this bouquet perfect for surprising someone special on special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day and wedding anniversaries.

In addition to the exceptional quality of the roses, the premium black box adds a touch of sophistication to the gift. Made with high-quality materials, this box is durable and can be reused to store precious memories.

The Fleur de Paris Aphrodite Bouquet is carefully assembled by our floral arrangement experts, ensuring an impeccable presentation.

Every detail is thought out to create a unique and memorable experience for whoever receives this special gift.

Whether to show your love and appreciation or to make a special moment even more unforgettable, the Afrodita Bouquet and The Rose Jewelry from Fleur de Paris is the perfect choice.
Jewelry - The Rose Exclusive and signed by Fleur de Paris®
Jewelry in Sterling Silver, plated in gold, contrasted by the Mint, with the rose-shaped medallion and a 6mm Cubic Zirconia stone.

Surprise someone special with this special set of fresh roses bouquet and luxurious Fleur de Paris jewelry, leave them enchanted with its beauty and aroma.

Order the Afrodita Bouquet now and guarantee a gift that will excite and delight.

We deliver throughout the country, with the guarantee of quality and satisfaction that only Fleur de Paris can offer.