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A bride is a love story:

For Fleur de Paris, each bride has a story to tell, a special shine, a beating heart and a fervent love. This way, the bouquets and bouquets we create are highly personalized.

Let Fleur de Paris into your love story:

Add even more charm to your special day, creating an elegant space. Fleur de Paris decorates in a detailed and creative way. After all, it's not every day that a wedding happens.

Therefore, in order to obtain a space worthy of a fairy tale, Fleur de Paris creates different combinations. Through the combination of colors and different textures found in roses.

Be it the arrangements for the bride and bridesmaids, or arrangements for the wedding reception, Fleur de Paris pays maximum attention to every detail.

What sets us apart:

Fleur de Paris distinguishes itself by giving its floral creations a surprising charm, with a touch of elegance that always reflects an intense romance.

So that our audience is varied, our style ranges from the sophisticated to the most modern. Our arrangements can be fun, more sober, elegant, warm and even sweet. There are many adjectives that characterize them. We differentiate ourselves by offering an excellent service with values ​​based on customer distinction.

Guaranteed to create a memorable moment at every stage of wedding planning.

The beauty of Rose in her love story:

Although it is a common flower, it is estimated that around 45% of new ones choose to include the “Rose” in their wedding decoration. Above all, due to its versatility. It is a unique flower that exists throughout the year. It offers a wide range of possible choices, be it color or texture.

The Rose is also a flower, which symbolizes beauty, love and conveys a lot of emotion. Finally, it is also associated with many myths and fairy tales.

Fleur de Paris wants to be present at your wedding, firstly to help you make your event an unforgettable moment and finally, to make you incredibly special and very happy.

Therefore, Fleur de Paris roses are the ideal choice to accompany you in your love story. Ask for your quote!
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