Who we are?

At Fleur de Paris® you will find the tradition and art of working with Rose with unparalleled quality and refined luxury. Fresh or with a rigorous preservation method, they will always be different and exclusive.
The Cities of Paris and Lisbon intersect in this identity, assumed as a registered trademark, but also as the “soul” of the company.


We want to delight and excite our customers, offering the most beautiful and fresh roses, accompanied by exceptional service and unique experiences, making each moment special, unforgettable and eternal.

We believe that each client is unique and deserves personalized and exclusive service.

Here, we don't just sell roses, we sell emotions. Each delivery is an opportunity to make someone smile, to convey love, gratitude, happiness.


As roses are a symbol of love, it is only fitting that Fleur de Paris® was born from a love story. Fleur de Paris® is a Portuguese brand and was launched in 2017, since then it has flourished and is currently an innovative luxury gift brand, revolutionizing the floral industry and leading the way in preserved roses.

In 2017, Fleur de Paris was awarded the ACEPI Navegantes XXI Award in the Best Startup Website category – Powered by 3-in-1.

From the beginning, Fleur de Paris sought to change the paradigm of flower marketing in Portugal, as instead of the traditional one, it invested in an online store and sought to have a presence on social media and advertising media.


Reference in quality, elegance and sophistication in the floral market.

We seek to achieve perfection and excellence in every detail. We provide moments of pure emotion to our customers.

With an attentive eye on trends and in-depth knowledge of the most beautiful varieties of roses, we are a luxury company specializing in the sale of these iconic flowers.

Why choose FLEUR DE PARIS?

At Fleur de Paris®, we are committed to offering the highest quality roses to our customers. Our roses come from Ecuador, recognized worldwide for the quality and durability of its flowers. This means that when you buy roses from Fleur de Paris®, you are purchasing fresh, stunning flowers that will last much longer.