A Rosa Arco-íris

The Rainbow Rose

The Rainbow Rose is a rose that has its petals artificially colored. The method used exploits the rose's natural processes through which water is extracted from the stem. By dividing the stem and dipping each part in different colored water, colors are drawn onto the petals, resulting in a multicolored rose.

The process does not present any complications and has been known for more than a millennium. Several companies have sought to patent this process. From what is known, they were partially successful, now it will be up to the courts to decide whether or not the process can be patented.

Research has shown that the best rose to use is "Vendela", a cream-colored hybrid tea rose grown in the Netherlands, Colombia and Ecuador, because this rose absorbs different dyes perfectly. 'Vendela' has a flower diameter of 6 cm at full bloom and a stem length of 40 to 100 cm, and is not scented. Other roses that can be used for this coloring process are Rosa La Belle and Rosa Avalanche. However, these Rainbow roses are not as bright as the Vendela Rose. Some suppliers use the name of roses to describe their products, for example, Vendela Rainbow Rose or Rose Avalanche Crystal Green.


The original Rainbow Rose has the 7 colors of the Rainbow and is the most popular rose in this category. However, there is also the tropical variant with combinations of red, pink and yellow, and the ocean variant with combinations of green and blue. Other color combinations are possible, although black and white is impossible to achieve.

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