Comemorar dias especiais. Porquê?

Celebrate special days. Why?

The importance attributed to special days

Celebrating dates is something that we must attach the greatest importance to, they represent an event that marked or that marks the life of another person or a group of people.

Commemorative days can be celebrations of births, anniversaries, victories or even obstacles overcome by new achievements.

In Portuguese culture...

It is very natural to regret or despise a commemorative date, belittling its importance and the impact it had on life.

However, one should celebrate due...

It's so beautiful to be able to celebrate dates and see them as a form of celebration.

The celebration of a date corresponds to a memory that at some point marked us and should be seen as a moment of joy, fun, love, among countless other feelings.

And, the most beautiful thing about a celebration is being able to forget the bad thoughts, the defeats and let the good things come to the fore as much as possible. But celebrating is much more than a simple celebration. Above all, it is a sharing of happiness for the event that was marked by positive reasons in a person's life.

Celebrating alongside someone you admire is a very beautiful thing, it is a sign that that person has seen you grow or seen you face the great challenges to which you have been subjected.

Should you offer a gift every time there is a celebration?

When there is a celebration, it is not implicit that a gift is offered. However, people like to give gifts to make the hostess of the event feel special.

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Why should you choose Fleur de Paris ?

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