Planeamento Decoração | Rosas Preservadas by Fleur de Paris®

Decoration Planning | Preserved Roses by Fleur de Paris®

The professionals at Fleur de Paris have been conceiving and producing a unique, creative and memorable interior floral design project.

The wonderful modern and sophisticated family home, located in the center of Lisbon, whose images we will see below belong to a floral interior design project that completely transformed this home.

The decoration is wonderful in itself, but it is undoubtedly the floral decoration that transforms this apartment into an incredibly welcoming and sophisticated space.

The Preserved Natural Roses “Infinity Roses by Fleur de Paris” are the main element of this floral decoration project, a combination of various sizes and colors of preserved roses taking into account the chromatic aspect constituted by the mixture of cold and warm colors.

Infinity Roses preserved roses are undoubtedly a trend of modern times and are ideal for interior floral decoration: apartments, offices, hotels... due to the long life of these roses.

Stay on this side and see some images of our floral decoration project for this home with luxury details.

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