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Majestic Love Bouquet

Majestic Love Bouquet

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The Majestic Love Bouquet of 100 Red Ecuadorian Roses and Elegant Foliage by Fleur de Paris ® is an expression of passion and sophistication in the form of flowers. Each red rose has been carefully selected from among the most beautiful grown in the high mountains of Ecuador, guaranteeing exceptional quality and a vibrant, engaging hue.

In addition to 100 stunning red Ecuadorian roses, this bouquet features elegant foliage that adds a touch of refinement and beauty to the composition. The combination of roses and foliage creates a unique visual harmony, making this gift even more special and memorable.

Perfect for celebrating love and passion on special occasions such as birthdays, wedding proposals or simply to surprise someone you love, the Majestic Love Bouquet of 100 red Ecuadorian Roses and elegant foliage from Fleur de Paris ® is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a gift remarkable and unforgettable. Surprise and enchant with this bouquet that conveys deep and passionate feelings in an elegant and sophisticated way.